Many of our members at Congressional Country Club understand managing risk in an uncertain future and planning appropriate courses of action. Buying a volatile commodity like electricity is really all about managing risk and looking for purchasing opportunities. We have been extremely pleased with the performance of our current energy contract, as OnDemand Energy monitors the energy markets on a daily basis. Over the past two years, we have been able to take advantage of declining power prices as we continue to purchase power in a prudent, risk-averse fashion.

Dean Davidson

Chief Financial Officer, Congressional Country Club

With rate caps for electricity expiring in Allegheny Power, we were very concerned about the financial impact to our bottom line. In addition, our operations were transitioning and it was unclear how much energy we would be consuming in the future. OnDemand Energy was able to skillfully negotiate contract language, protecting us from the uncertainty in our usage patterns, and, to our pleasant surprise, they were able to negotiate a rate that was lower than the previous capped rate, saving in excess of $600,000 per year for our organization!

Greg Carns and B.J. Rottschaefer

Senior Supply Buyer and Senior Facility Engineer, Curtiss Flow Wright

First Commonwealth Bank has over 115 branch locations spread over four different electric utility territories, so trying to find energy savings with so many small and medium-sized meters in different locations was a daunting task. Thankfully, we were able to leverage the ChamberChoice Energy program, managed by OnDemand, as they already had pre-negotiated rates in each of the four utilities with immediate savings for the smaller branch locations, while they negotiated customized prices for our two larger branches! Brought to us by our membership in the Indiana County Chamber of Commerce, all branch locations are benefiting with energy savings thanks to OnDemand.

Steven Smith

Vice President, First Commonwealth Bank

OnDemand Energy has been instrumental in helping us understand the complexities of energy procurement. With their guidance, we were able to explore numerous electricity supply options and pick the one that best fit our needs with significant cost savings.

Mike Grieser, CPA

Controller, Landis Supermarkets, Inc.

As a real estate developer and property manager, Millcraft Industries understands managing budgets and keeping costs down in order to stay competitive. OnDemand Energy thoroughly educated our firm on the entire deregulation and shopping process as a true consultant. With their guidance, we avoided any rate increases as rate caps expired in Pennsylvania, and we even reduced our energy spend over a multi-year term for our properties located in Allegheny Power and Duquesne Light.

Lucas Piatt

Chief Operating Officer, Millcraft Industries

For a coal mine, electricity costs are a significant part of the operating budget. For PBS Coals, our spend is in the multi-million dollar range annually, and that was before rate caps expired in Penelec. We could not be more pleased with the consulting guidance from OnDemand Energy, brought to us through our membership in the Somerset County Chamber of Commerce. While costs for PBS Coals still rose over the capped rates, we were able to lock in rates for a multi-year period that are significantly lower than the new tariff rates, as well as provide a residential savings for all of our employees.

Hank Park

Controller, PBS Coals

I appreciate OnDemand’s approach in educating our organization on the different options available for procuring electricity. I purchase many volatile commodities for my 15 McDonald’s restaurants and, in the end, I was pleased to lock in an attractive, long-term fixed price for our electricity. Energy is now one volatile commodity that I do not need to worry about since OnDemand is watching the market for future purchasing opportunities.

James Rice

Owner/Operator, Rice Enterprises LLC

Richards Energy Group and OnDemand Energy formed a strategic alliance in September 2009 to leverage the expertise and resources of both companies in preparation for the expiration of electric rate caps. This partnership has resulted in unparalleled shopping solutions for our REAP customers and depth for our back office, while substantially increasing shopping clout for both companies.

Frank Richards, PE

President, Richards Energy Group Inc.

As a nonprofit entity, Villa Saint Joseph must exercise constant vigilance in controlling our operating expenses; utilities are no exception as they are a large part of our budget. Realizing that we have no experience or expertise in the commodities markets, we have relied solely on OnDemand Energy. They have managed both our natural gas and electricity purchases for more than 10 years now. OnDemand has been instrumental in promoting competition and extending our commodity contract purchases through optimal market timing.

And it does not stop there. OnDemand’s Utility Management Services Program promotes energy conservation as well. They have invested capital dollars in our facility by purchasing and maintaining energy assets such as HVAC control systems, Power Factor Correction and Lighting systems.

Their unique offering, called a Guaranteed Energy Bill, provides us with one fixed, monthly bill which delivers energy efficiency, energy consulting and budget certainty.

OnDemand has proven to be both a true partner and our trusted energy advisor.

Sister Mary Murray

Villa Saint Joseph

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