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Energy Procurement — Electricity
OnDemand Energy was one of the first energy consultants in the nation to be licensed by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission for electricity supply in 1998, and has been a market leader ever since. Today, we offer the widest array of supply products that include fixed price, blended, index and pool product options through the broadest and most well-respected group of energy suppliers in the United States. During the past 12 months alone, we have awarded supply contracts to over 20 different suppliers on behalf of our clients for meters of all sizes.

OnDemand is passionate about maximizing our client’s savings by finding procurement solutions and savings for every meter type, regardless of size. We currently serve over 5,000 business customers representing over 20,000 commercial meters and manage over 4 billion kWh’s of annual electricity usage. The load that we represent in the market positions OnDemand as the largest consultant in the Mid-Atlantic region, and one of the largest in the nation.

OnDemand continues to expand our world-class procurement solutions and is now active in all deregulated states.

Exceptional consultative and customer service separates us from the competition. Our approach to analyzing our clients’ load shape and in choosing the optimum supply product to meet their requirements is unmatched in the market.

OnDemand’s management team, which has over 250 years of energy supply, utility and regulatory experience, enables us to provide market leading consultative service.

We evaluate each and every client meter on an individual basis. The unique usage characteristics attributable to each customer meter, including load factor, load shape, on-peak and off-peak usage patterns, transmission and capacity tags, are considered with each evaluation. All of these factors can have a large impact on what you pay for electricity and the type of product that would best suit your operational, financial and risk tolerance requirements.

Give us a call today to better understand how an outsourced approach for procuring electricity could maximize your savings while making your life easier, allowing you to focus on other crucial aspects of operating your business!

Energy Procurement — Natural Gas
In 1998, OnDemand Energy was one of the first energy consultants in the nation to be licensed by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission for natural gas supply.

Our natural gas procurement service works similar to our electricity procurement service. We begin by reviewing copies of your current utility and supplier bills. Once usage requirements, supplier obligations and tax status are determined, we competitively shop your natural gas needs to pre-qualified, market-leading natural gas suppliers. Then, we compare price, delivery, swing/bandwidth and contract terms in an attempt to provide you with the most competitive product that best meets your operational, financial and risk tolerance requirements for natural gas supply.

Give us a call today to better understand how an outsourced approach for procuring natural gas could maximize your savings while making your life easier and allowing you to focus on other crucial aspects of operating your business!

Tariff Analysis
Are you presently on the optimal tariff based on your specific electricity usage patterns? Changes in usage over time can impact your tariff status and provide the potential for significant savings. Our industry-leading energy professionals can provide this analysis for your business.

OnDemand compares the usage and load profile of each customer’s account to determine the optimum available rate offered by the applicable utility. Each utility rate, or tariff, will typically have several riders, or parameters that require evaluation. OnDemand will analyze account usage utilizing all combinations of rate codes to determine the optimal rate available.

In the event that a new rate is found to be more desirable, a rate change savings report is presented to the customer with recommendations on the appropriate action. OnDemand will facilitate this rate change process and interface with the utility on behalf of our clients as required.

Load Shape Analysis
A facility’s load shape has a direct bearing on what a customer ultimately pays for their third-party electricity supply costs. If your metering system is not capable of collecting interval data, the local utility assigns each customer meter a specific load shape. This load shape may or may not accurately represent your true load.

OnDemand can install metering and monitoring equipment at your facility that can identify your facility’s actual load shape. The results of the study are analyzed with consideration of the historical peak and off-peak forward, day ahead, and real-time pricing associated with the particular utility electric distribution company. Typically, off-peak electricity is 30%–50% of the cost of peak electricity. By knowing your true load shape, it enables us to evaluate the best-case electricity supply product and electricity metering system for your facility.

Together, these factors result in a lower overall electricity supply cost.

Shadow Meter Testing
Have you ever questioned the integrity of your utility metering system?

In a majority of cases, electric utility meters are reliable and accurate. However, there are a number of components inherent to a utility metering system where errors can inadvertently occur. Errors could include a defective meter, current transformers, potential transformers, and the utility assigned meter constant. The malfunction, or misapplication, of any of these components can introduce a potential for error.

OnDemand can install a microprocessor-based shadow metering system, programmed to collect data over an entire meter read cycle. The data collected is then trended, and ultimately compared to the billing determinates as recorded on the utility invoice for that same meter cycle. Any discrepancies in data can then be evaluated and ultimately resolved with the utility, if required. Savings occur in the form of utility refunds and reduced billing parameters going forward, and can be quite substantial.

Energy Bill Auditing
OnDemand offers a complete energy bill auditing service. We can review your electricity and natural gas bills to determine whether you have incurred, or are incurring overcharges. Billing errors include higher charges than usage indicates, billing based upon a misread or faulty meter, or misapplied state or federal regulatory charges.

If errors are discovered, OnDemand will prepare the documentation necessary and will negotiate on the customer’s behalf for compensation in the form of credits and/or refunds. We also check for rate/rider modifications and recommend changes where such changes are beneficial to the customer.

Sales Tax Proration Services
OnDemand can identify and determine the percentage of a customers’ energy load that qualifies for an exemption status based on state sales tax laws and regulations. Energy used directly for manufacturing by your electrical and/or natural gas equipment can qualify for a sales tax exemption depending on the rules set by your state’s Revenue Department.

We offer a complete service ranging from the identification of your savings potential to quantifying your percentage of exemption, petitioning the state, and applying for refunds and exemption status going forward.

When a sales tax savings opportunity has been discovered, we begin the process with a field survey/study of all equipment either directly or indirectly associated with the manufacturing process. The field survey will document applicable equipment type, equipment function as related to the manufacturing process, and annual energy consumption of identified equipment. This information will be used to determine the percentage of manufacturing equipment usage to non-manufacturing equipment usage to calculate the actual percentage of exemption.

OnDemand prepares all documentation and forms necessary to petition the state for refunds and reduced sales tax percentage payments on a going forward basis. Once the process is complete, OnDemand will provide you with a formal copy of all documentation for your records. The state will provide you with a docket number to be used in the event that a sales tax auditor requests verification of your exemption status.

Energy Budget Forecasting
OnDemand can help you with your budget forecasting projections for natural gas and electricity. We will review existing energy contracts, historical energy usage, operational changes, current tariff rates and regulatory changes that will impact your total electricity and natural gas spend for your upcoming fiscal year.


golfCongressional Country Club

Many of our members at Congressional Country Club understand managing risk in an uncertain future and planning appropriate courses of action. Buying a volatile commodity like electricity is really all about managing risk and looking for purchasing opportunities. We have been extremely pleased with the performance of our current energy contract, as OnDemand Energy monitors the energy markets on a daily basis. Over the past two years, we have been able to take advantage of declining power prices as we continue to purchase power in a prudent, risk-averse fashion.

Dean Davidson
Chief Financial Officer, Congressional Country Club
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golfCurtiss Flow Wright

With rate caps for electricity expiring in Allegheny Power, we were very concerned about the financial impact to our bottom line. In addition, our operations were transitioning and it was unclear how much energy we would be consuming in the future. OnDemand Energy was able to skillfully negotiate contract language, protecting us from the uncertainty in our usage patterns, and, to our pleasant surprise, they were able to negotiate a rate that was lower than the previous capped rate, saving in excess of $600,000 per year for our organization!

Greg Carns and B.J. Rottschaefer
Senior Supply Buyer and Senior Facility Engineer
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golfFirst Commonwealth Bank

First Commonwealth Bank has over 115 branch locations spread over four different electric utility territories, so trying to find energy savings with so many small and medium-sized meters in different locations was a daunting task. Thankfully, we were able to leverage the ChamberChoice Energy program, managed by OnDemand, as they already had pre-negotiated rates in each of the four utilities with immediate savings for the smaller branch locations, while they negotiated customized prices for our two larger branches! Brought to us by our membership in the Indiana County Chamber of Commerce, all branch locations are benefiting with energy savings thanks to OnDemand.

Steven Smith
Vice President
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