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Program Outreach - OnDemand

Program Outreach

Jeanne Hairston
Client Relations Manager

Jeanne Hairston joined OnDemand in April 2014, bringing with her over 14 years managing client relationships in both business-to-business and consumer environments. Prior to joining OnDemand, Jeanne worked at a leading energy supplier where she managed, developed, and implemented targeted outbound renewal campaigns. Her team was responsible for educating customers regarding their energy purchase, as well as all associated sales activities. During that time Jeanne and her team were recognized for their multi-channel outreach program offering Texas customers relief from an unexpected spike in electricity prices; which resulted in the retention of impacted customers, while adding almost one million in gross margin. Jeanne got her feet wet in in the energy industry directing the daily activities of a Customer Relations Team that was responsible for all aspects of service, e.g. general questions about billing, payments, contracts, etc. Jeanne was accountable for all personnel issues, e.g. hiring, training, and evaluating employee performance; creating customer service policies, training, procedures and initiatives. Prior to her start in the Energy Industry she held similar customer-facing roles in Education and Horse Racing. Jeanne received her B.S. in Marketing from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


Joshua Silveira
Client Relations Specialist

Joshua Silveira joined the OnDemand team in 2012. His experience as an Academic Counselor has helped Joshua always meet customer and client needs. Joshua is an alumnus of California University of Pennsylvania, where he earned a B.S. in Science.



golfCongressional Country Club

Many of our members at Congressional Country Club understand managing risk in an uncertain future and planning appropriate courses of action. Buying a volatile commodity like electricity is really all about managing risk and looking for purchasing opportunities. We have been extremely pleased with the performance of our current energy contract, as OnDemand Energy monitors the energy markets on a daily basis. Over the past two years, we have been able to take advantage of declining power prices as we continue to purchase power in a prudent, risk-averse fashion.

Dean Davidson
Chief Financial Officer, Congressional Country Club
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golfCurtiss Flow Wright

With rate caps for electricity expiring in Allegheny Power, we were very concerned about the financial impact to our bottom line. In addition, our operations were transitioning and it was unclear how much energy we would be consuming in the future. OnDemand Energy was able to skillfully negotiate contract language, protecting us from the uncertainty in our usage patterns, and, to our pleasant surprise, they were able to negotiate a rate that was lower than the previous capped rate, saving in excess of $600,000 per year for our organization!

Greg Carns and B.J. Rottschaefer
Senior Supply Buyer and Senior Facility Engineer
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golfFirst Commonwealth Bank

First Commonwealth Bank has over 115 branch locations spread over four different electric utility territories, so trying to find energy savings with so many small and medium-sized meters in different locations was a daunting task. Thankfully, we were able to leverage the ChamberChoice Energy program, managed by OnDemand, as they already had pre-negotiated rates in each of the four utilities with immediate savings for the smaller branch locations, while they negotiated customized prices for our two larger branches! Brought to us by our membership in the Indiana County Chamber of Commerce, all branch locations are benefiting with energy savings thanks to OnDemand.

Steven Smith
Vice President
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